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Twitter Lite works as a faster way to browse, along with the data saver version of the original application. The Litter version still provides push notifications, and the ability to bookmark tweets and thread conversations. The size of the app has been reduced to 3MB and it has data saver mode. Once enabled Autoplay videos and images will not load low quality in posts.

If you want to see high quality images, you can tap on the menu above and select “Load high quality” to change the settings. Once this is done the data saver mode will be turned off and you will see all the content in good quality. Twitter Lite is well suited for low-end devices as it will take up minimal space with fast browsing.

Browsing on Twitter Lite

The Litter version of Twitter also includes a change to make it easier to manage who’s in your group chat. Pole is a better label for Twitter ads as well as voiceover improvements. You will miss a night mode in the lighter version and there will be no drafts. Twitter Lite also does not include the ability to scan QR codes which is understandable.

With this version, you can enjoy any GIF but it does not include the GIF button. The Development team Every effort has been made to keep the size of the application to a minimum and this is one of the reasons. On Twitter for Android, Has a feature called Connect. Where you can discover new people you can follow. But on Twitter Lite you will find the old one Who will follow The setting which was the old implementation.

If you are driving in less space or you have a phone with less RAM than this lite version. Click the download button above to download it now and start downloading. You can download other lite applications as well Facebook Lite And save your phone memory.

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