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We Wait For You In Tru Tien – The most beautiful first half game in Vietnam 2020

★★★ Updated ★★★
Thien Khuu Cuu Cung – Phu Ban is cold and cool
Arena 15vs15 – More attractive, now has a tournament season
Enter Fairy Maitreya – breakthrough skill cultivation
The Dharmakaya function – greatly increasing the force of battle
Cuu Han Bong Lai – A dream of white snow falling in the middle of summer

Super Gia Gia – Upgrade from Tien Phu to Biet Phu
Tru Tien 3D is the first online role-playing game adapted from the masterpiece Tru Tien developed by Perfect World and released exclusively by GAMOTA
Tru Tien 3D opens a world of first half vivid, voluminous, fully functional PC version such as: gas training, legal protection, jewelry making …
During 2016, 2017 Tru Tien 3D has always been in the top of the best-grossing games in China. The developer promises to update 18 sects as the PC version and update it regularly every 2 months.
Not only is a role-playing game of the first half, Tru Tien 3D is also an interactive game suitable for both men and women. Tru Tien is the first game to possess features such as: creating a Facebook account for the character, participating in The Voice hidden in the game, building a member, interacting and hugging diverse.
The game creates such a rich interactive system that gamers often spend an average of 2 hours a day interacting with other players.
The system of fashion, mounts, pets, security methods is extremely diverse and splendid design far exceeds the game titles.
Up to 50% of Tru Tien 3D gamers are female. Therefore Tru Tien 3D confidently affirms the most beautiful first half game on mobile.

★★★ GOOD STORY ★★★
A few thousand years ago, the Van Mong Tong sect was born. The one who chose the more natural person, the faithful girl was the Holy Woman, protecting the treasure of Ghosts, life after life. However, she had fallen in love with the Beast God and handed over the Ghost Monster to him.
Van Mong Tong is a comprehensive magician. They both have the ability to fight well, has the ability to heal, wide area attack, fight monsters quickly, fascinate and reduce enemy buffs.

★★★ SPECIAL ★★★
– 6 special factions: Thien Yin buffs blood, Thanh Van attacks, Hop Hoan assassins, Demon Lord tanks, Huong control and Van Mong melee
– Diverse skill system, each sect has 3 traumatic skill building lines
– Over 40 different types of mounts, treasures: You can ride Unicorns, Phoenixes, dragons to funny rides such as Shiba dogs, swings, silos, sofas.
– Experience the classic features of the role-playing game series: Manufacturing equipment, Manufacturing raw materials, BOSS World beating, Gas Training, Grafting gem …
– Attractive activities all week.
– Monday: Tournament 1vs1 – That Mach Hoi Vo;
– Tuesday: Inter-state war server – Painting Contest Thien Tinh; Arena 15vs15
– Wednesday: Bang bang server;
– Friday: Boss World – Good Long, Arena 15vs15
– Saturday: Tournament 5vs5 – Vuong Gia Tranh Tranh Ba
– CN: Boss hunting inter-server – Bat Hung Huyen Hoa, Arena 15vs15
– Boss Bang – Secret Scenery Bong Lai, sub-version up to 300 people

★★★ SUPPORT ★★★
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