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Do you like easy construction games and development? Welcome to passive construction games! How high can you get?

The passive construction game is about stacking blocks, the construction business and the world’s tallest skyscraper!
Start the game by building a small tower, build on it, upgrade to great landmarks and even higher! Be the best lazy builder, build a tower in the clouds, in space and on Mars!

In this inactive Creator game you will manage many things:
– Decide which parts to buy for your small tower?
– Choose what materials to use in your construction?
– Which upgrade plan better for your skyscraper?
– Manage cash and decide as a tycoon building and with each tap your skyscraper will improve!

And it’s up to you to decide what your tower will look like! Each floor of your skyscraper can have its own design!

Stack the blocks and build unique, incredible, gorgeous skyscrapers from a small tower!
Build the highest passive tower and earn as much money as possible in this best lazy tycoon game.
Various improvements to the myriad tower buildings will help you build faster and improve the impact of your tap. The more you build your tower, the higher your game score!

It’s not like other city builder games! Enjoy passive clicker gameplay and cool 3D graphics! Create something incredible and become the richest lazy building tycoon!

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