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# About QPython 3L
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# About QPython 3L
QPython is the Python engine for Android. It has some amazing features like Python Interpreter, Runtime Environment, Editor, QPYI and SL4A Library. This makes it easy for you to use Python on Android. And it’s free.

QPython already has millions of users worldwide and is also an open source project.

For different usage situations, QPython has two branches, namely QPython Ox and 3x.

QPython Ox mainly targets programming students and provides more friendly features for beginners.

This is QPython 3L, it’s primarily for experienced Python users, and it offers some advanced technical features.

# Amazing features
– Offline Python 3 Interpreter: No Internet is required to run the Python program
– Supports running multiple types of projects, including: console programs, SL4A programs, webapp programs
– Convenient QR code reader for transferring code to your phone
– A custom repository for QPYPI and pre-built wheel packages for advanced scientific libraries, such as numpy, scipy, matplotlib, scikit-learn etc.
– Easy-to-use editor
– Integrated and Extended Script Layer for Android Library (SL4A): It lets you run Android work with Python
– Good documentation and customer support

# SL4A Features
With the SL4A feature, you can use Python programming to control Android work:

– Android Apps API, such as: Application, Activity, Intent & startActivity, SendBroadcast, Package Version, System, Toast, Notify, Settings, Preferences, GUI
– Android Resource Manager, such as: Contacts, Location, Phone, SMS, Tongenerator, Wakelock, WiFiLock, Clipboard, Network Status, MediaPlayer
– Third app integration, such as: Barcode, Browser, Speech Recognition, Send Email, Text Touch Speech
– Hardware Manager: Carmer, Sensor, Ringer and Media Volume, Screen Brightness, Battery, Bluetooth, Signal Strength, Webcam, Vibrate, NFC, USB

[API Documentation Link]

[API sample]

[Important information]
This may require Bluetooth / Location / READ_SMS / SEND_SMS / Call_Phone and other permissions, so you can program with these features. QPYTHON will not use these permissions in the background

If you encounter runtime exceptions when using the SL4A API, please check if relevant permissions are enabled in System Settings.

# How to get professional customer support
Please follow the guide to get help https://github.com/qpython-android/qpython/blob/master/README.md

[QPython community]

[Frequently Asked Questions]
Answer: Why I can’t use SL4A’s SMS API
Q: Since there are strict requirements for permissions for apps in Google Play and some App Stores, in QPython 3x, we use x to separate branches with different permissions or Appstore. For example, L means LIMITED and S means sensitive.
Sometimes you can’t use the corresponding SL4A API because the version you installed doesn’t have the corresponding permissions, so you can replace the one you installed with the correct one.

You can find other branches here:

What's new

What's NEW with v3.0.0

The first version of the QPython project has been restarted, with a new name

- It added the qsl4ahelper as a built-in package
- It added a QPySL4A App project sample into built-in editor, you can create QSLAApp by creating an project
- It rearranged permissions
- It fixed ssl error bugs

Visit https://www.qpython.org/en/qpython_3x_featues.html to get more detail.

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