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The Mi Fit app enables you to connect and sync with Mi bands. An MI band device can calculate your posture, heartbeat and sleep patterns. While the Mi Fit app enables you to monitor and graph the data collected by the band on your mobile screen. This app is a great exercise partner when syncing with bands. You can run, jog, cycle and swim, and the app will give you real-time data about your breathing and heart rate.

This application is compatible with any Bluetooth connected phone. It is quite easy to use and provides all the basic features that any fitness tracker app can expect. It provides you with your daily average with weekly and monthly summaries. The MI Fit Fit app does these seamlessly and looks good and general for a fitness tracker. In the latest 2020 update to apps, a lot has changed.

Follow the steps with MI Fit

The Mi Fit app does a good job of showcasing your band and your steps together in the app. It tells you how far you’ve gone and how many calories you’ve burned, how fast you’re running, an initial timeline, and how you compare yourself to other users. It just doesn’t tell you how many grams of fat you’ve burned and how many liters of fuel you’ve stored. If it doesn’t inspire you, do nothing.

The Mi Fit Slip tracker feature is amazing. It tracks how long and when you slept. This includes waking up time when you can’t sleep. MI bands track ‘deep sleep’ based on your heart rate and basic movements. MI bands track the entire sleep time quite accurately. Another important point to note is that MI bands do not track sleep during the day.

It has a separate feature called Activity Tracker that monitors your practice and you need to start a manual. For example when you are about to start a run. It will follow you via GPS to determine your distance on the map and sync other statistics from the band. The Mi Fit app offers four different activity modes. These include outdoor running, treadmill, outdoor cycling and walking.

More details about the app and related products can be found here Site. If you have a sync-enabled MI band on your wrist, download this app now. Already used this application? Let us know how it was edited for you by commenting below.

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