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Track your lost mobile. Get location address. Get details of any mobile number.

The Android mobile can be tracked after it is lost.

About Mobile Tracker App:

Advantages of mobile tracker for Android application

* When the Android phone is stolen / lost and when the new SIM card is inserted into the mobile, this mobile tracker for Android app automatically sends mails and SMS about the details of the SIM inserted SIM card.

* You need to save your family / friend’s mail address and mobile number in the app and then mail and SMS alerts will be sent to the corresponding mail id and number. The SMS contains the IMEI number of the SIM’s mobile and service provider. Security is enhanced by prompting a password to open the application.

Mobile Tracker for Android Features:

* Mail mobile theft protection
* Mobile theft protection in SMS
* Users can see their current location and address
* Users can click anywhere on the map and see the address of a location in our app
* International Number Network Finder
* Application password recovery
* The app is useful for using multiple SIM cards on / off

Steps to use:

* Step 1: Install Mobile Tracker for Android from Google Play.
* Step 2: Set up a password for your secure access and register your email address.
* Step 3: Save or update email address.
* Step 4: Type the contact to save the contact number inside the application and click save.
* Step 5: Go to Support Options and get our support if needed.

How does it work?

After the mobile phone is stolen / lost, and the new SIM card is inserted in the mobile, this application starts and automatically sends emails and SMS about the details of the new SIM card which is inserted. After receiving mail or SMS you can complain in mail and SMS to that SIM serial number and track your mobile.

Mobile Number Network Provider Finder:

* Search for any mobile number in this mobile network provider tracker feature.
* It provides complete information of any mobile number and service provider.
* Mobile number can be seen on telecom circle map

Current Location Address Properties:

* Displays and shares current location information with the address of Mobile Tracker for Android applications.

Search location address:

* Click on any location and get the address details of that location in this feature with latitude and longitude details in this mobile tracker app

Get location for mobile theft:

* Go to this option in the mobile tracker application and click accept to get the location details in the mail in case of lost / stolen mobile


If you need any help / directions, click on the help link provided in the help option and ask your question. We will help you soon.

Important Note:

* The mobile tracker application is password protected. Other people cannot view or use user information in this app

* The mobile tracker application uses permission to read the phone’s status to get a list of the device’s phone number, current cellular network information and any phone account registered with the device. All this information includes automated mail and SMS. This application will not use the information for any other purpose

* The Mobile Tracker application uses bold and precise location access permissions, which allows the app to access approximate and precise locations for displaying locations on Google Maps. This application will not use location information for any other purpose.

* The mobile tracker app has very minimal permissions with lots of features. Thanks for using our app.

What’s new?

* Mail and SMS sending issue is sent automatically when SIM is changed
* Mail and SMS sending is limited at once
* Fixed a map bug in the location
Other minor bugs have been fixed

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