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Control your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi products with Velp from anywhere. Tap on your Wi-Fi: Check connected devices, set up guest access, or turn off their social networking sites when your kids need to do their homework.

The new app adds support for Welp, a modular system of tri-band connection points that provides uninterrupted, full-power Wi-Fi for the whole family.

Key benefits:
Ote Remote Access – Access and manage your Wi-Fi from anywhere.
Dashboard – Quickly check your Wi-Fi status.
• Guest Access – Protect your information by giving friends and family access only on separate guest networks.
Ice Device Preference – Decide which devices have Wi-Fi priority for low degree and buffering.
Ntal Parental Controls – Create a secure Internet experience whether your kids are at home or not. Restrict access to certain websites or block certain accesses from accessing the Internet.
Required for system:
The Links app works with the Velp system and the Linksys smart Wi-Fi routers. To see the full list of supported routers, visit:
ব্যবহার User accounts are created in the application or at Simply connect your account to your Wi-Fi to log in from your device.
Android Compatible with Android

We have a setup experience in the new Velp product line that uses Bluetooth. Applications with Android 6 and higher require location permissions for Bluetooth access. We do not collect or use any location information in our app.

For additional assistance, visit our support site at

What’s new?

Linksys routers and Velp systems get better, thanks to your input.
If you have EA8300 with the latest firmware, you can now:
– Run a speed check.
– Configure all band steering options.
– Enable link integration (Advanced Settings> Local Network Settings).
Fix in this update:
– Fix various bugs.
If you can’t access your router remotely, restart it. This fixes many small problems.

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