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Every sun can set and every kingdom must end. The high days of the Han Empire are no longer burning as wars break out in the kingdoms. Heroes from every corner of the country must assemble their forces to wrestle strength and glory from the growing chaos. Heroes will rise, empires will fall. Join the exciting new classic action MMO epic Kingdom Warriors today and establish your dynasty!

== Features ==

Re-imagine an epic story

Enter the chaos of the Three Kingdom Ages and discover your destiny in an action-packed classic Warfare Adventure! Famous people including Skoming Kao Kao, Terrible LV Bu, and the great Guan Yu have arrived on the battlefield with the MMO experience of epic action!

40+ Heroes at your command

Master the art of war and lead your forces to victory! Collect and manage your army with dozens of classic heroes. Choose your team as soon as you enter the field of fast action combat, jump on the battlefield with your trusted AI-controlled lieutenants and defeat your enemy!

Manage and increase your forces

Grow your arsenal and equip your allies as a stagnant fighting force! Collect and upgrade unique and rare items and customize your tools in a strategic RPG adventure! Choose your hero from individual units to go to war and become the ultimate frontline fighter-commander!

Conquer the land with allies

With the collapse of the empire, new kingdoms took shape. Join online friends to establish your new nation in the vast online multiplayer experience! Become a partner of the PVP and Co-op, and join the massive fight as a result of the war to form the future of land rage. Experience unprecedented mobile MMO action with Mitra, Nimesi and Guilds!

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