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Hero Park APK Download

Hero Park APK Download

Welcome to Hero Park,

Little magical unicorns are the place where heroes are attracted to your town for their own little adventures. This is your story, your particle and the treasure of gold!

Five years after World War II, the veteran war hero and his faithful unmarried men return to their hometowns to find that not a single stone stands on top of another. The city is empty and once glorious darkness is abandoned The decision is clear: the city must be rebuilt, new monsters must be bred, and the dungeons must be populated again.

Create the perfect maya of an adventure town with busy blacksmiths, thugs and glorious dungeons with the monsters you produce. Meet interesting characters who want to join you and use their skills to lure the gold of their hero to create what Es Hero Park was like: the greatest city in the state!

More than 100 fictional characters: heroes, shop keepers, vampires, unicorns and more
Town Design your city to your liking and automate your production
D Breed giants for your dark wells and shape them according to your needs
Immerse yourself in the magical world of elves, humans and dwarves
Experience the fascinating story of an old war hero and his unicorn
Exciting Solve exciting searches and loot valuable treasures …
★ … and stop your unicorn from eating everything!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)How can I train heroes?

There are various ways to increase training opportunities. This is especially helpful if the protagonist has already bought the scent (yellow suppression) of an experience. If the hero can defeat a high level monster or several monsters, the training opportunity also increases.2. How can I bless a hero?

A hero wants to be blessed after being treated in a temple for his affliction (e.g., a disease caused by dead demons) to have various blessings valid only for certain races. So at first there is only one blessing for Elv and it may be helpful to attract Convol to the village as much as possible.3. How can I reduce the charging time of unicorn power?

Recharge time can be reduced to 10 minutes. This is done using recordings of daily tasks (10 levels to 4 minutes), using Santa Brothers (levels 11, 2 minutes) and Unicorn Instructor (20 levels to 4 minutes). There is also the possibility of making unicorn food with Santa Bhai, which can be used instead of energy.4. How do I delete or relocate a building?

Select a building and open the Building menu with the button in the top left corner. Select “Store Building”. If you now want to relocate this building, click on an empty field and select the building from your storage.5. Can I get Treasure Chest improvements for employees who can’t be found in Treasure Chest?

You can improve the treasure chest with the same kind of possibilities as soon as a staff member comes to your team.”. You need 10 cats in your village” and need tips?

This task can only be solved at level 28 Once the cat is in your village, remember that all cats need love. Have you ever pressed a cat to play? 🙂

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