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Cubic 2 3 4 Player Games APK Download

Cubic 2 3 4 Player Games APK Download

This is a completely physics based, fun mini game with local 2 3 4 players.

All you have to do is click a button control and beat your friends!

– 30 games and various mini games with weekly updates.

Challenge your friends, this game has tons of fun polished mini games. Play local games with up to 4 players on the same device.

You can play this game even if you don’t have friends around you.

Game Features.

– Easy and fun one button control.
– Play with your friends or family.
– Championship mode. (Selectable and random type)
– Tournament mode. You can play for your country.
– Bot problem.
– Layer system and many items to unlock.
– Create custom games. Create your own game settings. (Choose your character’s speed or gun reload time)
– Single player AI. Play against smart bots even if you don’t have internet connection!
– 4 player local games on the same device.
– Play it with your natural language. (12 languages ​​available))
– 21 different mini games. (All games are listed below, new game updates every week))
– Customize your players, you can unlock various fancy forms, earned gold hats!
– You can unlock maps of different types of games!
– Stupid characters based entirely on physics.
– Daily reward system.
– Timely reward system.

Including games

Hide behind boxes and hit opponents. Assist the laser tag attached to the gun as the target.
Destroy everything!

– Saucer
Beat your friends in a fun football game!
First win 3!

– Annoyance
Be the fastest.

–Tank battle
Control your battle tank and destroy all enemies. Each tank received only one life per round.
The latest win!

– Munster truck
Crush everything and go to the finish line.

Be the fastest to win.

– Chicken catch
Hold the chickens on the floor and put them in your stash!
1 minute play time!

– Stealing money
Grab a money bag and drop it on your boat.
Top scorer wins!

– Fish
Show off your feedback. Catch green fish and avoid reds.
3 wins from the first!

–Posh car
Tap the button as quickly as possible to reach the finish line.
Hurry up!

– Out
Try to push your friends and stand on the cliff.

–E escape
Run from the giant rock!

– War ships
Destroy everything.

– Basketball
Grab a ball and throw it in your basket.

See the field and grow plants.

– Parking
Park in the marked park space.

– Camping
Collect wood in the ground and throw it into your own fire.

– Rescue helicopter
Rescue people and don’t crash other helicopters.

– Cross Street
Try to get on the bus first.

– Sumos
Run without going into the arena and try to push the opponent!
Stay in the circle!

– Runner
Test your time skills, avoid all blocks, reach the finish line as the winner!
Don’t get behind!

And 9 more games for a total of 30 games

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