Coverage – Cell and Wifi Network Signal Test APK Direct APK Download

This app creates your own personal cell and WiFi maps based on signal readings from your phone ee see where your device has better signal strength and where it faces dead zones. Test your career demands by creating your own personal coverage map and running your own speed test.

Check your network performance
– Map your cell and WiFi coverage
– Works with GSM, CDMA, UMTS and LTE cell networks
– Uses accurate WiFi and cell signal power readings from your phone
– Find dead areas along your journey
– Speed ​​test your connection
– Swap SIM cards and compare your coverage with different carriers

Lots of interesting wifi and cell statistics about your phone
– Your average LTE signal strength
– How many new cell towers have you seen today?
– Your phone connects to WiFi
– Your phone spends your time on the LTE network
– Your average WiFi signal strength
– Too much

What’s new?

v1.110 – v1.113
– Improved speed testing

– More localization

– Change the signal strength color on the map.

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