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BatteryBot Battery Indicator is the original battery indicator application for Android for, released in 2009 only as “Battery Indicator”. Both the free and pro versions have maintained a 4.5+ star rating on Google Play since its inception. It offers two modes: the original status bar index and now a desktop widget. You can use two or both as you wish at the battery bot monitors your battery charge level (percentage) in your status bar and monitors and shows the amount of time you have left, temperature, health, voltage and how much time you have left unplugged. Notification area. It now also has a 1 × 1 application widget. The Pro version also includes user-configurable alarms, logs, MA current data, and a large (4 × 1) widget.

Try it out – it’s free and open source! The BatteryBot battery indicator requires no special permission, whatever it may be. This is a great and complete solution to your battery needs.


No ads (why would you want a battery app with ads?)
The correct battery level in the taskbar
• Or hide the taskbar icon by placing a notification in the tray – or turn off the notification completely and use only widgets
• Multiple icon set options
Automatic time-remaining estimates based on recent usage
• Small (1 × 1) circle desktop widget
Notifications (including status bar icons) are now optional – can only be used as a desktop widget
• Very lightweight (email me if you think otherwise, and I’ll help you figure out what’s wrong – I promise this app won’t drain your battery!)
Most Motorola devices show an increase of even 1%
Android is well-tested and supported on all major versions of Android (2.1 to .0.0; Eclair via Nougat) and Factor Factor (small phones, medium phones, large phones, -inch tablets, 10-inch tablets).
• Open source

The free version is offered for free for those who want more, or for those who want to support smaller, standalone developers like me.

Pro features only:

Lar alarm (fully charged, charge above X, charge below X, temperature above X or health failure)
• Icon colors (on devices that allow it) (with fully configurable green, amber, red and black icons)
From / to batteries in most supported devices (MA / milliamps / milliamperes)
Ge larger (4 × 1) desktop widget
Battery logging. You can log the battery status (charge, status, voltage, temperature) and browse the logs on the phone or export to CSV.
Control notification preferences on Android 4.1+ (for example, you can set “Minimum” to hide the icon but keep the notification in the tray))
Behavior Plenty of configurations of behaviors and appearances.
Version Charge indicator (the bolt below the number indicates the time the device is being charged) is optional in the Pro version.


Follow the Google Plus group for app announcements and occasional polls:


No special application permission required!


If you have any questions or comments, please email me.


BatteryBot business model / philosophy here:

1) Advertising is annoying. For some applications, ads may be understandable but should not contain ads in a system utility.

2) The free version should be simple but effective; It should not feel lame.

3) Some people choose to buy the Pro version because they want extra features, some want more customization, and many more because they just want to say “thank you” for the free version and support small, independent developers like me.

What’s new?

8 Fixed issue in widget-cable mode (no notification) on 8.0+ devices (XX%).

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