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WiFiText: Send SMS + MMS Texts

WiFiText: Send SMS + MMS Texts

1.0.1 by Onamal Inc.
(0 Reviews) April 25, 2024
WiFiText: Send SMS + MMS Texts WiFiText: Send SMS + MMS Texts WiFiText: Send SMS + MMS Texts WiFiText: Send SMS + MMS Texts WiFiText: Send SMS + MMS Texts

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April 25, 2024
Onamal Inc.
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More About WiFiText: Send SMS + MMS Texts

Send and Receive Unlimited SMS with a Private Virtual Number
Any Phone. Anywhere. WiFi Text allows you to stay connected to your contacts by sending and receiving free text messages over WiFi or data. Secure access to your conversations and contacts through our website, or mobile application. Never miss a text message when you use Wifi Text for sending SMS or MMS messages.

Choose a Personal Own Local Number
Select a number in your area to used to send and receiving text messages. The number associated to your account will be permanent . You can always be reached at the number provided by WIFI Text. This lets your friends reach out to you if they need to, instead of always having to contact them first.

Instant Message Delivery
Messages sent through WIFI Text are processed instantly. No long waits to receive or send messages like other applications - test it yourself!

No Payment Required.
Send and receive SMS over WIFI: We want to increase the accessibility and help people to keep in touch at a time it is needed most. Use guest access to start sending message in seconds, or create an account to keep your contacts and conversations ready for your next visit. Every day your free SMS Credits will refill, allowing you to stay connected. Keep text messaging for free!

Simple SMS Interface
Quickly see your latest conversations from any device, store phone numbers, and manage your preferences for individual contacts. Sending SMS over WIFI is simple and can be done on any device. Our secure interface can be accessed on any mobile device and even PC to keep chatting.

MMS / Attachments
Send and receive your favorite pictures and attachments with WiFi Text. When you send an attachment to a mobile number, they will receive it like any other MMS.

Send Announcements
Send a message to multiple people at once, to let everyone know what's going on. Keep the conversation going in personal conversations if anyone replies.
International Support:
We are constantly expanding our network to facilitate faster messages with more accurate local numbers closer to you. This ensures your message is delivered quickly and reliably. However, if we didn't, please write to us. We'll be happy to expand our network to include your area ASAP: providing every person the ability to send SMS for free is our purpose.

Under Rapid Development! Have ideas?
While fully functional, we are still rapidly expanding the features to include further conveniences such as free calling. If you have an idea or feedback for our team, please contact us!

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