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SMS forwarder auto to PC/phone

SMS forwarder auto to PC/phone

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(0 Reviews) April 14, 2024
SMS forwarder auto to PC/phone SMS forwarder auto to PC/phone SMS forwarder auto to PC/phone SMS forwarder auto to PC/phone SMS forwarder auto to PC/phone SMS forwarder auto to PC/phone

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April 14, 2024
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More About SMS forwarder auto to PC/phone

This is an SMS forwarder application that allows you to synchronize / forward / transfer your SMS/missed calls/notifications to other devices, You can forward SMS/Calls/Notifications to e-mail, another phone, telegram, etc. Not suitable for intercepting other people's SMS.
Main Features:
1) Synchronize and Forward SMS/Missed Calls to another phone or PC.
2) Support for the history of forwarded SMS/Calls.
3) Support for the ability to forward via Email/Telegram/Wechat/Slack.
4) Support create rules to forward messages by keywords or source address.

Where can you forward SMS/Calls/Notifications:
- to another phone via SMS;
- to e-mail;
- to the specified URL;
- to Telegram(groups);
- to Wechat;
- or suggest your options, we will consider them

No ads in the application.

How the application works
* The application detects if a SMS/MMS has been sent or has been received.
* Then it applies the user rules to decide what to do.
* If the rule matches with the received SMS/MMS, the application will synchronize/forward the SMS/MMS with the second device.

Typical uses of the application
• Synchronize/Forward SMS/MMS/Calls/Notifications between a phone and a computer.
• Synchronize/Forward SMS/MMS/Calls/Notifications between a primary phone and a secondary phone (work, personal phone, friend phone, etc).
• Forward authentication SMS/MMS/Calls/Notifications to another phone/computer.

Feel free to request new features.

If someone else has asked you to install SMS forwarder, be careful since he/she may be a fraud.

How to use this app?
1. First, create a forwarding rule.
2. Then, test your rule with simulated message in the app(In the rule list page).
3. At last, you can send real SMS/MMS/Calls/Notifications to test the rule.

Other Features:
1) You can create multiple forwarding rules.
2) The app will retry failed forwarding messages automatically.
3) You can create static or dynamic keyword replacement rule before forwarding, for example: the password content can be replaced by *****, even if the password changes, you need not change the rule.
4) You can forward by using cloud email forwarding , you don't need to provide your SMTP server account and password to use email forwarding.
5) You can forward to Telegram bot, sms forwarder has a Telegram bot named lanrensms_forwarder_bot,you can use it to receive your message.
6) You can use custom email forwarding template
7)You can set your own custom web forwarding api url, that is, you can specify the web forwarding url address, for example, you can setup an API to receive your forwarded messages.

Privacy descriptions:
* This app needs SMS read/send permissions to forward message in real time.
* This app would not use or save any of your messages or your contacts.

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