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AI Phone: Live Call Translate

AI Phone: Live Call Translate

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(0 Reviews) May 07, 2024
AI Phone: Live Call Translate AI Phone: Live Call Translate AI Phone: Live Call Translate AI Phone: Live Call Translate AI Phone: Live Call Translate AI Phone: Live Call Translate

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May 07, 2024
AI Phone Call
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More About AI Phone: Live Call Translate

AI Phone, a AI-powered phone calling app with live translation and transcription. Live call translation helps you effortlessly communicate across languages during calling. Live phone call transcription & summary ensure you never miss any call detail again. Keep your own number or pick a second number.
Live Call Translation for Easy Cross-Language Calls
AIPhone can seamlessly translate conversations during phone calls, making communication accurate and effortless, regardless of language.
★ Speech to Text Translation during Calls: See the conversation text in both languages on screen during the call.
★ Speech to Speech Translation during Calls: Just speak and the other caller will hear your response in their language instantly.
★ Supports Multiple Languages: Supports over 90 languages.

Capture Every Call Detail with Live Call Transcription
★ Live Call Transcription: Capture every word of you live calls with AI. Convert both sides of your calls into text in real time. Supports over 130 languages.
★ AI-powered Call Summary: Summarize your phone calls automatically with AI.
★ Voicemail Transcription: Convert voicemail to text in real time and view the messages visually without listening.
★ Capture Keywords: Summarize all crucial information into a group of keywords. Tap a word to jump to where it was mentioned.

Local Phone Number for Texts & Calls
★ Pick a real phone number without a SIM card.
★ Get up to 3 phone numbers with one subscription.
★ Change your phone number for free once a month.
★ Make cheap calls via WiFi or cellular data.
★ Send and receive SMS texts and multimedia messages.
★ Sign up on sites or apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, etc..
★ Keep your own number private during online dating, shopping, and any other situations.

Cheap International Calls
★ AIPhone offers affordable international calls to over 200 countries.
★ Make crystal-clear phone calls anywhere to anyone in the world.
★ Communicate internationally without expensive roaming charges, international call rates or language barrier.

AI-assisted Texting
★ Allow AI to compose text messages based on your desired tones and topics.
★ Send your text messages to AI for improvement.
★ Save time with AI Auto Reply.

AI ChatBot
★ Ask the AI chatbot anything.

Set up with Your Number in Minutes
★ Custom Voicemail
★ Call Forwarding
★ Do Not Disturb
★ Stay Notified for Missed Calls and Messages

Subscription Plan
★One-Line Subscription: Get one phone number at a time, Monthly at $9.99, Yearly at $59.99;
★Multiple-Line Subscription: Get up to 3 phone numbers at a time, Monthly at $19.99, Yearly at $99.99
★Features: 2nd number, call transcription, call summary, call translation, AI-assisted texting, free phone number replacement

In-app Purchase
You can purchase credits for calling minutes and SMS texting. No extra fees for transcription minutes.
★ 200 Credits: $5.99
★ 500 Credits: $12.99
★ 1200 Credits: $24.99

Privacy Policy: https://www.aiphone.ai/pp
Terms of Use: https://www.aiphone.ai/tos
Have questions? Contact AIPhone support team: [email protected]

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