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Все учат английский в школе. Могут ли они разговаривать на английском языке?
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July 20, 2021
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Everyone learns English at school. Can they speak English?

In just a few minutes a day, you will learn how to make sentences in English, and imperceptibly you will learn many new words.

The intensive training course “Polyglot” consists of 16 lessons. After its completion, anyone can easily speak English.

List of activities:

1. The basic form of the verb.
2. Pronouns. Question words.
3. The verb “to be”. Prepositions of place. Like / Want.
4. Possessive pronouns.
5. Professions. Etiquette.
6. Degrees of comparison of adjectives. Demonstrative pronouns.
7. Words-parameters. The use of much and many.
8. Prepositions and time parameters.
9. There is / There are.
10. Prepositions of direction and movement.
11. Modal verbs can, must, should.
12. Continuous
13. Adjectives. Description of people. Weather
14. Present Perfect
15. Imperative mood
16. Phrasal verbs

Before purchasing the program, we advise you to try the free lessons:

Differences between the full version and free lessons:
✔ All lessons are collected in one application
✔ Exam on the topics covered

ATTENTION! The app contains the following in-app purchases:

★ Open lesson (0.99 $)
• For those who want to start learning not from the first lesson.

★ Open all lessons ($ 4.99)
• For those who want to determine the order of training themselves.

How it works?

The program offers you simple expressions in Russian.

From the words on the screen, you need to compose an English translation.
If you answered correctly, the program will praise you. If you suddenly made a mistake, it will prompt you the correct answer.

As you compose the answer, the selected words are read out. Then the correct answer is announced.

To proceed to the next lesson, you need to score 4.5 points in the previous lesson. Until points are collected, lessons remain locked.

How are points calculated?

The program remembers the last 100 answers, divides the number of CORRECT answers by 100 and multiplies by 5.
To score 4.5 points, you need to answer correctly 90 out of 100 questions.

Too easy?

Then turn on the increased difficulty level in the settings. The program will not offer you word suggestions, but will ask you to enter a sentence from the keyboard.


The exam is designed to consolidate knowledge of the lessons learned. It is also well suited to refresh knowledge.

For each selected lesson, 10 tasks are compiled. All tasks are shuffled and offered to you for execution in random order.

The program remembers the results of each lesson in the exam. At the end of the exam, an overall grade and grade are given for each lesson.

Don’t be upset if you didn’t get the maximum grade the first time.

This is just a reminder to do some extra practice in the related lesson. After all, the main purpose of this application is to help you in learning English, and not to mark an exam.

If you know how to improve the program, write to us!

We are on VK: http://vk.com/polyglotmobile

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