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Thank you for verifying the Yahoo Mail app, the best email application for organizing your Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, AT&T and Yahoo mailboxes. If you don’t need seamless mailboxes, separate customizations, separate views or more storage for deals, receipts and attachments, we’ve got you covered.

Favorite features:

Use any email address
Don’t jelly your other inboxes. Add your Gmail, Outlook or AOL account and keep everything in one place. Custom settings, colors and notifications create the wind to keep your accounts separate.

Go ahead and subscribe to spam and junk mail you don’t want to see in your inbox. Yahoo Mail shows all mailing lists you have subscribed to on all screens and makes it easy to opt-out in one tap.

See attachment
Looking for a dock from one person? Or, a photo from Brunch three Sundays ago? Don’t panic, it’s right here. Take a simple look at all your photo and file attachments.

Your inbox, your vibe. Customize the navel bar below with your most cared for folders and views. Then, choose custom words, themes, swipes to add your own flavor and open your inbox.

Travel scene
Stress-free travel This view puts all the information of your flight in an organized place. Smart updates for delays and cancellations, starting with gate changes, will appear instantly in the app, so once you check in, you can check out Waaaout.

See Deal
End today? The challenge is to accept. View deals from your inbox in a quick view or enable location permissions to see maps of deals near you and you’ll receive real-time notifications when you visit your favorite stores.

Check out the grocery store
In grocery stores, win every time. Add a loyalty card to your grocery store to save coupons that will be automatically applied at checkout. View all transactions in your area to save more and save them to your shopping list.

People see
Just look at the emails of your loved ones. Ignore the robots.

View receipts
No more crushed receipts in your pocket. Decorate them nicely in your inbox.

Word + notification
Choose from various section notifications, custom sound alerts and visual settings – so, get the reminders you need. And you are none.

High contrast theme, dynamic text resizing, and voiceover screen optimized for use with readers. Features Also, the folders at the bottom of the inbox allow users to navigate with less effort.

1000 GB storage
You can’t see your whole world without a place to roam. Download the app and you don’t have to delete the memory to get your mail again.

Yahoo Mail Pro
Receive ad-free mail on Yahoo Mail for Android and priority customer support.

Available as 0.99 / month or purchase 9.99 / year as an app purchase

  • Subscription will automatically renew every month or year within 24 hours of your renewal date
  • Manage or cancel your subscription through account settings

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