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Work log one Fast, Easy And Free Ways to monitor your shifts and calculate how many hours worked and wages during your age. A quick, easy and straightforward way to track your hours, expenses, tips, mileage and more

Save time with features like automatic breaks and paid period settings

Use the widgets as a shortcut to quickly and quickly add new shifts. (Tap on the punch to cancel it)

Punch in and out, or enter your hours manually

Customize how your worklog looks after the start of your week and with options like formatting date and time with light or dark themes

Week View your hours in different ways at different times such as weeks, months, pay period or your shifts together

Pay Set your pay time to automatically calculate how many hours you worked and your paycheck for each paycheck

Track as much detail as you want with a variety of tracking options for Exp Expenses, Tips, Sales, Mileage, Holiday Pay and more.

Pay clearances and / or bonuses are calculated automatically for paycheck estimates

Set aside two hours of overtime and wages for additional overtime

Install with WorkLog Pro for additional features such as tracking multiple tasks, removing ads, exporting all data as a spreadsheet (e.g. CSV), as well as importing all saved data as a database via backup and email.

What’s new?

– Premium hour / shift differential option added
– Date format added: “Wednesday, January 25, 2017”
– 6m round option added
– Added the ability to pause and enter notes during a punch in the shift
– Improved page swipe detection
– Fixed spreadsheet export cost bug
– Fixed Canadian currency bug
– Fixed auto-brake bug
– Minor bug fixes

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