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See more with Wikithod! Wiktionary allows you to see more than your eyes can see. Our “computer vision” technology is something like magic and connects you to the world in a whole new way. Use the app for an experience by simply scanning for additional reality content, promotions, projects, promotions, games and more!
The key part of the Wikidity app is Power Search, your gateway to unlock the world of digitally enlarged content around you. For example, businesses can provide you with a search code that can directly gain a certain AR experience. Just type it in the search box at the top and let Wikipedia expand your world.
New! The latest Weekdute extensions allow you to enhance not only images but also objects!

Are you running a brand or business that wants to experience augmented reality in just a few clicks? The WikiLeaks app combined with Studio Editor is the ideal package for you!
A primary benefit of the Wikipedia app is that it enables users to easily publish AR projects built into the Wikipedia Studio editor. Marketers can now go to the web, login to the studio, create an AR project in less than 10 minutes, and publish right now on the Wikitude app without the need for any programming skills.

Enliven packages, banners, brochures, magazines, books, labels and all kinds of images with the help of videos, animations, 3D models, social media and customized buttons. In addition, monitoring and reporting projects through Google Analytics is supported.
See us at and to learn more!

We’re optimizing WikiD for the best possible user experience across platforms and devices. If you have a serious problem, please let us know [email protected] When doing this, please specify your device type and OS version number.

What’s new?

– Upgrade the included Wikithod SD to 7.1 to 7.2.1

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