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WiFi Key Recovery is a helpful and convenient tool that helps you recover passwords from previously connected WiFi networks. The application lets you see the SSID, PSK or WEP keys. With a list of login credentials for WiFi networks and you can also export a text file with the details. So you do not have to worry about forgetting your password and easily get access to lost certificates with this application.

But first you need a rooted phone to use this app properly as it will not work properly on any normal phone. WiFi Key Recovery You list all passwords for the WiFi networks connected to your device. In addition to recovering previous passwords, WiFi Key Recovery allows you to copy the recovered password and save it elsewhere.

Using WiFi Key Recovery Application

First, you need to download WiFi Key Recovery on your rooted phone. Which you can do by clicking on the download button above. Launch the application and it will take you to the home screen where the details of all previous connected networks will be displayed under SSID, PSK, and KG MGMT. At the top is a quick search bar through which you can search by typing SSID.

You will need to open the root browser to export the list of passwords. And go to Data Folder> Isolated Folder and then tap the WiFi folder. In this folder, you will see a file named wpa_supplicant.conf and then select the text editor to open the file. After this process, all recovered passwords will take the form of a file that you can arrow or save for later use using WiFi Key Recovery.

The good thing about WiFi Key Recovery is that you don’t have to do any complicated settings. Just install it on your root phone and once turned on it will automatically pull all the related details. Download this app now to recover your forgotten old passwords and recover all WiFi related details. Check out other similar applications for more similar WiFi devices Password recovery And Pro Kill.

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