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Wi-Fi Talk allows you to communicate between devices over Wi-Fi signals without using an Internet connection or cellular network.
Key Features:
Working without internet or cellular network
Voice call
Transfer files and folders at Wi-Fi speed
Group chat
• Private messages
How to use WI-FI conversations:
1. Connect to an existing Wi-Fi network or create your own wireless network using Wi-Fi Talkie’s “Network Manager” based on your phone or tablet’s hotspot *.
2. Tell the people around you to connect to the network you’re connected to.
3. Now you can use the full functionality of Wi-Fi Talkie!
Features of voice calls:
Wi A Wi-Fi signal is very poor even good sound quality
Active Unlimited number of active calls
Speakerphone mode
Bluetooth headset support
Ired wired headset support
Ise word reduction
WI-FI signal range:
The range of Wi-Fi signals depends on the hotspot and the connected device. Usually the range is not more than 50 meters (150 feet) inside the house and up to 150 meters (450 feet) outside.
Where to use WI-FI conversations:
• Now you can communicate with people in previously inaccessible places: by plane, train or any other long-distance transport, forests and mountains, stadiums, concert halls and other general places where cellular signals are weak.
Home Wi-Fi talkie is also quite suitable for communication within a Wi-Fi network in your home, office, school, university or dorm.

If you create a hotspot while enabling your device’s Internet connection, Internet tethering (sharing) is enabled.
Wi-Fi Talkies localized to:
English, Spanish (Espaol), Arabic (العربية), Portuguese (Portuguese), German (Deutsche), Indonesian (Indonesia), Russian (Русский), Bengali (Bengali), Burmese, Turkish (Turkish), Serbian (Српски)

End User License Agreement:

What’s new?
Bluetooth headset support
• New languages: Arabic (العربية), Portuguese (Portuguese), Indonesian (Indonesia), Serbian (Српски)
Ts chat clearing

• Bug fixes

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