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Found a recipe on the internet that looks great? Yum! Add it to the whiskey and start creating your personal cookbook. Drag recipes from any website or cooking site / app, adjust ingredients, adjust serving sizes or, simply change the way you write recipes if you want. There is no need to memorize recipe edits or write them down on paper.

Get inspired! Check out our home cooking community for new gourmet meals, quick meals, 10 ingredient or less food recipes, everyday healthy ideas, you name it. Add all your secret recipes to the whiskey and create your own personal recipe book!

Want to plan your weekly meal up front? Unlike other meal planning apps, Whiskey Meal Planner is completely free.

… and best of all: with the push of a button, all recipes for in-store and online food shopping become a shared shopping list. No more “Oops! I forgot the “moments when cooking! Use whiskey to make cooking more efficient and fun!

– Here’s what the media is saying about us
“(..) All meals are designed to make it easy to plan, list and share and finally shop” – TechCrunch, Sara Perez

“Smart Food Platform Whiskey helps you prepare food like a real pro. (.).” – Women’s Health, Amanda Owner

“This technology not only allows for a better experience, but also helps reduce food wastage” – Forbes, Tom Touley

Copy recipes from anywhere: Yes, really any website. Try. No need to take screenshots or paste recipes from another notebook. Transfer recipes directly from Food Network, BBC Good Food, Food Blog, Pinterest and all over the internet. Use Web Recipe Clipper on your PC or easily save recipes from any mobile site. Never forget where you saved that recipe again!

Import Edit recipes you’ve imported: Add notes and comments about changes you want to make and remember them next time. You may want to add some healthy ingredients to the lasagna you are cooking or you may want to add one more teaspoon of coconut oil to your new keto recipe. Go ahead, replace the ingredients and enhance your recipe cookbook.

Create your ideal meal plan for the week: A simple pork recipe for lunch on Monday, a healthy salad on Tuesday and a gourmet Italian food dish for Friday dinner Simplify your meal plan for the week, save time and avoid leftovers.

E Remember what inspired you: Can’t figure out where you saw the simple and delicious food from Indian cuisine? Quick access to your saved recipe collections: vegan meals, gluten free baking, paleo diet, low carb meals – anything you like!

Turn your recipes into a shopping list: In case you make an unexpected stop at the store, press a button and prepare your grocery list. Organize your list by isle for quick market inspections and time savings.

The grocery stores deliver to you: Whiskey partners with popular online grocers such as Walmart, Amazon Fresh, Krager, Ralph’s, InstaCart and many more. Enter your zip code, select the store you want, checkout and deliver your groceries to your door.

La Collect and share your lists: Create a shared shopping list with everyone in your household to prevent duplicate grocer purchases and make sure you don’t forget anything. Hold the list in the store and save time as each family member gets a separate isle – as the items are picked up – keep your grocery shopping list in front of everyone’s eyes off

And more!
Share Recipe: Just made the perfect smoked paprika chicken? Share with your friends and family.
Make it yours: Customize your diets: vegetarian, vegetarian, lacto vegetarian, pescatarian.
Smart Food Decisions: All recipes imported into the whiskey include ingredients with nutritional information, cooking instructions, and whiskey health scores.

If you have any questions, please support us by emailing @ Wisk.com. We want to make sure your whiskey experience can be the best!

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