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Finally, Disney’s most addicted physicist arrives. Where is my water? 2. Where you need to guide the water with the right pressure so that the swampy, an alluring alligator can take a good shower. With your fingers you need to clear the dirt and debris that is blocking your path, to create a road where water can flow. Guide fresh water, purple water and steam to help clean up the dirt, and help Swampy and his friends. My Water 2 brings two more alligator friends in the picture with Ally and Cranky, both of whom need a shower.

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Play 100+ levels and challenges with brand new looks. The Gator universe features waterfowl, oli, cranky and mystery ducks. There are more play modes to unlock, rebuilt graphics, special power-ups and multiple new successes. Dig as much as you can and get as many ducks as possible in the ‘duck rush’ stage. Experience fun mechanics that are uniquely created for each character. Complete achievements and achieve special themed ducks such as gladiator-daki, astronaut-daki, hula-daki and much more. Use hints to help you solve puzzles. My Water 2 is a great puzzle game.

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