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WhatsApp for WhatsApp is a web clone application that enables you to scan and access someone else’s WhatsApp on your phone. The WhatsApp Web Scan app will automatically update and sync all chats from your connected WhatsApp application. You can read the message and reply instantly.

To open WhatsApp for someone else on your phone, simply download the WhatsApp for WhatsApp and open it. This will display the QR code exactly as you see it WhatsApp web. Next, you open WhatsApp on another phone and open the QR scanner from its settings. Scan the QR displayed on your phone and voicemail.

WhatsApp for WhatsApp

WhatsApp for WhatsApp provides standard features that you can find in the web interface. It syncs all chat messages automatically. After you scan the target WhatsApp you can easily open and read any chat from this app. And you can reply and chat with people through the app without having to open the scanned phone.

Sending live chat via WhatsApp for WhatsApp is also straight forward as is common usage. WhatsApp Messenger. Just click on the new chat and add a number. Click the download button above to start the download to download this application to your phone. Let us know if you enjoyed the app in the comments section below

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