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WhatsApp Plus is an extended and customized official third-party version of the original WhatsApp with modded stylesheet files. This means that WhatsApp Plus has its own servers and all your conversations and MSAGs are transmitted through those servers.

The developer has made some changes to the UI and added some additional functionality. Want to show a single tick to someone who sends you an image? WhatsApp Plus has a single tick option, which shows the sender a tick despite the message being received and read.

The WhatsApp Plus interface is almost identical to the original WhatsApp. Once you start using it, you will notice a lot of changes in the Plus or Moded version of WhatsApp. The WiFi sign in the app will present DND (don’t bother). Switching it off will disable the ability to send or receive messages

Features of WhatsApp Plus

Below is a plus sign, which opens the WhatsApp Plus options once you tap. The first option you will encounter is a log, which provides information about your activities in the application. You’ve got a host of interesting features and customization options that aren’t found in the original WhatsApp app. Initially, there is an auto-reply message feature, which automatically replies to a message. To make it work, tap the + sign and click the Edit icon. There you will find the Auto Reply Message feature.

You can download themes with the WhatsApp Plus app. The option allows you to customize the app to your liking. Users can customize every bit of WA Plus UI, including title color and size, pop-up notifications, widgets, conversation screen, etc.

WhatsApp Plus has more than 2k themes so you will have plenty of themes to choose from. Not only can you customize media sharing. For example, you can send more files in size without any loss of image quality.

Other customization options available on WhatsApp Plus are:

  • Use custom wallpapers.
  • Chat background changes.
  • Change chat bubble style.
  • Customize the hyperlink color and resize the message.
  • Date size and status icon color changeable.
  • You can also change the color of the bluestick.

There is also a main / chat screen in the presence of the WhatsApp Plus menu under which you can change the design of the home screen. You can make the following changes:

  • Chat title.
  • Chat row.
  • Call screen.
  • Contact screen.
  • Floating button

Message encryption

The way the original WhatsApp delivers the message is sent directly to the WhatsApp server. And technically messages cannot be forwarded by any third party service because WhatsApp uses MAC address and special encryption key Each device is assigned to verify authenticity.

Note: You need to uninstall the original WhatsApp to use this application. You can use two accounts GBWatts app.

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