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Want to scold someone on WhatsApp? Want to see when they’re online and how long they’re online? You need to download WhatsApp for WhatsApp on your phone right now. This will help you keep track of a certain number and will notify you when they come online. All you have to do is enter the person’s mobile number into the app. Once started, it allows you to enter a (or two) number to keep track and send a notification when the person connects

WhatsApp is not free for WhatsApp

Once you download and install the WhatsApp, it allows you to test it for free within the first 24 hours. But after that, you have to pay to continue the services. You can say that this is a paid notification service that will keep track of users even if they set their privacy online. After the application first accepts the terms of the agreement, once launched, the app will ask you to enter the name and number of the person you want to call a “spy” directly.

After that, WhatsApp for WhatsApp will monitor every time the communication comes online. And will send you a pop-up notification that a certain person came online. If you want to track different contacts or people a few times, you can use the comparison activity feature. With it, you can add a second number to keep track and see graphs that compare the activities of the second user.

What time both of them come online and how long they stay online. This feature on WhatsApp for WhatsApp is designed to understand when two users are chatting and when we say “spy”, just click the download button above to download the app to your phone to start spying to see if the communication is related to another person. . You can try other similar applications Whatdog And WhatsApp Spy. They will help you keep track of WhatsApp activities. How did you find this app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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