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What S10Th Game of Thrones series includes other, A, U, F, F, A, RR, Ao, RL, SP, Th, Ki, Ci, Sun, Lo, or, Ov, Sho, Fi, Du, Ru, and others. .


Each turn of the player needs to be made and here the key determines the time. As soon as a player gets close to a turn they should tap to make it and then see what happens. The worse a player moves away from the course.

The player has to go through as many turns as possible by tapping really close before each gink. Each level becomes more difficult but the gameplay remains the same: tap anywhere on the touchscreen.


Players can be at the top of the leader board and win medals like gold, silver and bronze. The game currently has 100 levels and they are full of all kinds of surprises and tweets.

Players can always go back to the level they played before and end up with the “Select level” option. If a player is stuck at a complex level, they can avoid it by choosing the “Avoid” option.

Users have the option to unlock all layers by tapping Select Layer Layer and then Unlock All Layers.

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