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While growing your own weeds on weed farms 2 This game is the second installment of the famous weed cultivation simulation game. Where you smoke and grow your own pot for sale but only games, not in the real world because without you it would be illegal Canada.

In this simulation game, you will cultivate your weed farm empire with multiple strains of cannabis. With the well-known White Widow and Purple Smoke as well as the amazingly strong and extremely beautiful Alien Wade. Not only this, with the help of magic mushrooms you can do magic.

Weeds cultivated in weed farms2

The game begins with a storyline where the police raid your humble weed farm and you can escape. A guy helps you escape and find a new place to grow your plants. How to water the pots and start a routine that helps you produce better on

You need to water a tree until it is ready to be harvested, just tap it for watering. Click Ready to cut once and you’re just starting to create your stash. As soon as the weeds are cut at Weed Farm 2, your clients will be standing in line at the door to buy for cash.

The more you sell the faster you will flatten. On top of each level you will get a fertilizer bundle as a bonus. You can meet your friends and weed the pots on the bottom. You will use an intensive supply for watering, planting seeds and fertilizing.

And there will be weeds that you cut but you can roll a joint. Like this game Form Will But for older boys and girls (Wink) click the download button above to download the Weed Farm 2 game now and start growing cannabis to help cancer patients.

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