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Australia’s favorite weather app, Weatherzone gives you access to detailed monitoring, 7-day forecast, rain radar, BOM alerts and more

► Weatherzone uses weather bureau forecasts and our meteorologists to create accurate forecasts for Australia and the world.

Using data from the Meteorological Bureau, our team of meteorologists reviewed this data to ensure that the most accurate forecasts were available in Australia.

Snow now with snow and skier forecasts, reports and snow cams!

Weather Features Weatherzone exclusive?
Opt Optcast predicts temperature, icons, wind and rain for 3 hours over the next 48 hours for all major Australian locations.
+ 2000+ Minimum, maximum temperature, icon, probability / probability amount of rain for Australia location and 7 day forecast for 9/3 am wind.
Rad National Radar and Lightning Tracker
Me Weather news for our meteorologists
Video National Video Forecast
Location 1000+ international location forecasting and monitoring
Exclusive Australian Synoptic Map with Rainfall Area and Quantity for 7 Days (Every 12 Hours Weather Forecast by Meteorologist)

What are the other features of Weather Weatherzone?
Real-time monitoring of temperature, wind speed and direction, dew point, relative humidity, pressure and precipitation from 9 a.m.
সময় Sunrise and sunset time
✓ Highest UV rating
Len pollen forecast (for capital cities other than Darwin)
Fire hazard rating (where available)
ড্র Drawer on
Current GPS search for current location
Ast last 24 hour observation
Date Date and Almanac month
Dynamic animated background that changes like the weather
Real-time weather alert
Australia Animated radar from 58 locations across Australia
Animated national and state combined radars
Australia Australia’s animated satellite
UN Unlimited can store and display favorite locations
✓ Three widgets
– 4 × 2 large w / clock
– 4 × 1 medium
– 2 × 1 small

Snow and ski
একমাত্র Australia’s only 14-day snow forecast
ার Snow report
Snow cam
Ift lifting position
✓ Road conditions

How do we forecast 3 hours?
Opticast: Uses real-time monitoring and up to 10 global weather forecasting models that combine intelligently to create the most accurate high-resolution short-term forecast available to the Australian public.

How do we provide better forecasts than others?
We source data from the weather bureau and then fill in the blanks with our own team of professional meteorologists and our home high resolution forecasting models.

Weather Weatherzone Who?
Weatherzone is Australia’s largest commercial meteorological company, supplying most of Australia’s media, power companies and other weather-sensitive industries. Weatherzone uses Bureau of Meteorology resources and unique in-house computer modeling to produce the most accurate forecasts available in Australia. We are a team of meteorologists and developers dedicated to providing innovative weather services.

## If you have trouble accessing the widgets, please make sure the app is installed on the phone, not the SD card. ##

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If you have any suggestions for new features or content or find a bug, email us here [email protected]

What’s new?

* Push notification *
Daily forecasts and severe weather warnings can be pushed directly to your device.

* Brisbane City Council Early Warning Warning *
Brisbane City Council has partnered with Weatherzone to provide Brisbane residents with free severe weather warnings. Alerts are location-based, so you only get alerts if you get infected.

* Bug fixes *
– Stable UV time
– Fixed some crashes

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