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War Alert: Battle Tanks is an Android game that demands its players to build their larger and higher upgradable bases as well as become powerful generals to build military forces and military vehicles as they rise to the rank of the game in this war world. To repel attacks from enemy forces, players must upgrade their defenses throughout the game, and players build their own aircraft, bombs, tanks, and soldiers to win against their enemies.

All in all Battle Alert: Battle Tank Game is a type building game of city building and resource collection where battles are played in real-time online where thousands of players are competing around the world.

Some of the main features of war alert: Tank warfare as follows.

  • With about 22 modern tanks, aircraft and troops, players can carry out their deadly attacks.
  • Players need to protect their base as well as dominate the game world which is called Freedom World.
  • The game also offers player VS player battles that must be played strategically.
  • Game developers paid extra attention to providing eye-popping graphics to experience immersive environments.
  • Players need to not only defend their bases, but also fight against other enemies while collecting resources and troops.
  • The mode of campaign is interesting where the legendary army is going to fight against the army on the field.

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