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Even with 100 cards you will only need 5 minutes because this fast app scans 10 at once. Scatter your cards, tap a button and watch them convert to digital contacts
Spend less time organizing and start the conversation now.

How you can organize your network and achieve more:

– Scan 10 business cards at once
No other application scans multiple cards at once, somehow you scatter them. People voluntarily capture them in a matter of seconds.

– Convert physical cards to phone contacts
Let the app work hard for you. OCR (recognition of optical character) identifies and analyzes text on cards to instantly create new contacts. Powered by AI (artificial intelligence), the app improves accuracy with each card scanned.

– Express yourself through a completely professional profile
You are more than what your card says. Say what you can’t fit in a few square inches with a selfie, work history, education, success, projects, social media links and more.

– Search by name, as well as company and job location
So no worries if someone forgets the name.

– Call and email contacts
Just tap and go.

– Send instant messages to contacts
Message with Wantedly’s smart business chat platform, Wantedly Chat

– Share and exchange business cards online with others
Share a card via chat or email with a temporary URL. It will expire after a certain period of time to protect privacy.


Wanted about:

A world where the passion of work is met. Wantedly a professional social network that creates the world that targets. By connecting people based on philosophy rather than salary, it wanted to help 1,000,000+ people find just the right place and help 18,000+ companies find just the right talent.
Learn more: https://www.wantedly.com


About Wanted Chat:

A free business chat platform to empower your team to communicate and achieve free at record speeds.
No more emails. No more lost messages. No more unnecessary meetings.
With an intuitive interface and powerful features, Wante Chat enables more than 18,000 organizations to spend time on what’s important.

What’s new?

Camera issue has been fixed on some devices of Android 8.0.

We are always changing and improving to fall in love with Wantly People.
Please give this app a try and see how it can improve your contact management!

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