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Virtual DJ Mixer is an application that lets you mix and create melodies. The software comes with a wide variety of sound effects that are easy to use. The virtual DJ is surrounded by its functional and style hints from the traditional Pro DJ console, as well as turntable-style scratch pads with duplicate control sets.

Virtual DJ Music Mixer is designed specifically for music mixers, both professional and aspiring. This software provides the best mixing equipment and special ifsFacts to create music melodies that perfectly match your music style. So before you go to the next party, we suggest you download and create a few tunes.

This app lets you mix your own melodies and add special effects to existing tracks. However, it should be noted that the free version of the software is for personal use only and professional DJs must make sure to pay for the license that comes with the Virtual DJ Music Mixer Pro.

Virtual DJ application for your Android phone

This application is compatible with SC card and can easily access it to save and import data. The application will first scan your SD card and then take you to a tutorial. The Virtual DJ lets you know which buttons you can use to navigate. It will guide you through all the keys displayed.

Virtual DJ gives great flagging effect. Flanging is a type of facing where two tune milliseconds are introduced separately and then the two signals are mixed together. The timing of the delays varies, creating impact-like hush or jet planes. And its scratch effect feature gives you the ability to create classic DJ effects to scratch the vinyl record while playing.

In addition to these there are many more great effects that you can use and enjoy in virtual DJs. Download this app now by clicking the download button above. Let us know if you enjoyed the app by commenting below. Try other music player applications MusixMatch While you are here

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