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The Vipol Secure messaging and collaboration application protects your privacy from interruptions and privacy. All data, including videos, calls, and shared files, is encrypted with powerful cryptographic algorithms. The server does not have access to user data, which means it is technically impossible to disclose it to anyone.
Chat as securely as any other chat, the main difference is the strong encryption that is a part of all data transmission and storage process. VIPole is the best personal messenger to increase TIP productivity, as encrypted chat rooms securely organize the workflow of different departments and project groups.

Secure audio and video calls
End-to-end encrypting crystal-clear audio and video calls. IP masking and changing your voice tone when making calls can make all your conversations more confidential.

Audio and video conference calls
With encrypted conferencing for up to 9 people, VIPole is a handy tool for connecting remote group members. Make secure multuser part of your daily business interactions

Sharing and managing a file
All photos, media files, archives, and documents you send to VIP are encrypted on devices, servers, and in transit and sync so you can get anywhere, anytime, so make your dockfloss easy and secure.

History editing and clearing
Secured communication means you can always change your mind and take it back. Delete messages, set autoburn mode, edit them, or delete the conversation completely and irrevocably – the history will change on your contacts device, respectively.

Manage contact lists and hidden contacts
Confidential communication is designed for your personal purposes only. Limit the person you want to see on your contact list, because you are too busy for any kind of negativity in your life. No advertisers, spammers or intermediaries can bother you here. Make a list of hidden contacts and blacklists if necessary.

Password Manager
Account details for all devices, social media, credit cards, software licenses, and subscriptions – all require a password.

Encrypted notes
Message encryption is useful, but sometimes you need to create marginal notes for yourself, not your friends. You don’t need any more special apps for this – VIPOL will keep your ideas encrypted and accessible to everyone except you.

Security extension
Remote control of self-connections allows disconnected devices to disconnect. Inactive Auto Lock and Auto Logout protect your conversations from being cut off – just set the desired time before disconnection.

Make international calls
Stay connected with friends outside of Vipol, we provide the best international calling rates.

Use any device
Connect all your devices together on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and of course Android!

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What’s new?

Improving the Help and Feedback window
Keyboard type modification in Sing Sing Up window
Menu has added an option to clear the list of recent chats from the main menu
The contact has added two options to the context menu: Delete contact from Recent or disable display of contact in recent chat list
★ Approval group has been moved to the top of the contact list
Fixes for profiles that contain a passphrase equal to the profile password
Hidden solutions for hidden communications

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