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Vimet is a short video maker and similar sharing app to TickTock. You can create short creative videos that can be shared with the public around the world. The Vimet app helps you monetize videos that are trending and viral. You can see the earnings of each video in your feed. What you earn through your videos also depends on the gifts and likes you receive in each video.

When you open Vimet, you’ll be taken to the trending section where you’ll see popular videos created by users on the platform. There are two more tabs for using video. The tab below shows videos that your people follow, whereas the nearby tab shows videos from areas near your location.

Using and creating videos with Vimet

To create videos, you need to experiment with multiple filters, stickers, soundtracks and other features. Users can upload existing videos to their phone or use special effects to create a collage of images. It is also important to copy effects from videos from other producers. Swipe left on a video to go to the creator’s profile, it’s almost like Instagram Profile page.

Here you can see the creators’ followers, likes, post counts and the people they follow, as well as the follow button. Bidmate is the best source of entertainment of all kinds. However, this app has broken some rules of the Play Store, so it is not available in the Bidmate Play Store. If you want to start earning some extra cash with your talent, you can easily download this app.

People may find it quite annoying about Bidmate that there are so many ads popping up all of a sudden. The app is a great way to entertain fans of short creative videos. Download this app now by clicking the download button above. Read more about the Vite app and its features

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