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The Vikings War of Clans is a player’s goal with management and strategy games to build their Viking city. One way to achieve this goal is to fight as well as conquer your neighboring cities.

At the beginning of the Viking game, players will have limited structures in the city and many of them are one of the lower levels. As players get money and resources, they can start building different types of structures like saloons, barracks and forges. One important thing to keep in mind here is that players can level up their main city buildings such as Oracle and Jarrel.

For players to be involved in battles with others in the Viking War group. They have to have troops and to get these troops, they need barracks and lots of money. A player can recruit from a variety of armies including archers, assassins, cavalry, mercenaries and rage. Each of these soldiers brings their weak and strong points but they will be willing to serve their Lord with life on the line. Try Clans of Clans If you want to enjoy team fights.

Characteristics of the Vikings: Group War:

  • One must increase the strength of their Viking empire and not allow their enemies to survive after the war. Players need to recruit and train their troops to develop flawless tactics as well as driven tactics.
  • Players can build spying missions and powerful weapons because battle will soon come upon them. This war was controlled by the leaders of the empire.
  • Construction of a strong structure and building needs to start. They can upgrade these structures for more money and this can bring a player closer to winning than ever before.

A player can find their friends in the Vikings: to form an alliance to prove to warring factions that the power of the military family is greater than that of a single lord.

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