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Vigo Video lets you upload and edit your own videos and watch other people’s videos. It is a short-form mobile video making app and its contents are different from singing, dancing performance, eating and much more. You can make money from popular videos.

Similar, same, equivalent Tick ​​tock You’ll be able to create fun and engaging videos on Vigo Videos, an engage application that involves users around the world, providing filters, video effects and stickers to animate your videos. You are able to record and edit at the same time without the need to use an external video editor.

Using Vigo Video to create videos.

When you open Vigo Video, it takes you to the home screen where other users’ videos are displayed. The app typically complements your video viewing habits and displays videos that you normally pause and watch. For example, if you’re interested in cat videos, the app will automatically recognize it and start displaying relevant animal videos.

And when you think you’re ready to join in the fun just tap the record button. The app will give you a short time of 1 minute to record your stunts and fun. Once done, it will show all the effects and filters that can be applied to your videos. Use this feature wisely and you can create a masterpiece that can go viral.

The effects section in Vigo Video lets you add text, sound effects, enhancement filters, sticker effects and music. On the effects tab, you can add special illusions, use split-screen effects to transform cool looks. It also gives a time effect that helps you rewind and re-play the video which cools you the clock effect.

After all, it’s a fun app that lets you master the creation of short videos if you add creativity to it. Start downloading videos now by clicking the download button above. Let us know if you liked the app in the comments section below. See the app for more information

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