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*** Android .0.0+ User: Please only install version 2.0.0 and use it on top of what is currently rolled out.

Keep videos protected from eye pruning in Video Locker! – The ultimate secret gallery application for hiding videos on your Android device.

Sensitive videos from your Android video gallery can be securely locked in a secure video locker accessible with just a secret PIN code.

Key features of Video Locker include:
1) Encryption – Hidden videos are not only moved to a secret location on your phone, but are encrypted using advanced 128-bit ES encryption. This means that if someone manages to steal your SD card and copy hidden video files, they will not be able to watch the locked videos.
2) Remove from Recent Apps list – Video Locker app will not appear in ‘Recent Apps’ list
3) Lock to sleep – If you forget to exit Video Locker, the app will be locked out as soon as your device goes into sleep mode.
4) Folder level locking – Lock individual hidden video albums. This allows you to display only 1 hidden video album, not 1 other.
5) Tablet Optimized – Video Locker’s UIT tablets are designed with each other in mind so that both Android smart phones and tablets enjoy the ultimate view.
)) PIN Recovery – With the PIN Recovery PIN feature, you will not lose your valuable video files even if you forget your PIN code. The app will email you the PIN after you forget the PIN code in the video locker.
7) User-friendly operation – Easily hide videos from the default gallery or video locker.
8) Quick Bulk Hide – Keep dozens of videos safe in seconds!
9) Un-hidden videos easily – Un-hidden videos are just as easy to hide and you can decide where the un-hidden videos go.

Premium Features (Available in Video Locker Pro):
1) Stealth Mode – Hide the app itself! The Video Locker app will disappear from the drawer as if it never existed on your phone Access to your personal video vault can only be achieved by dialing a secret PIN code or through the Innocent Look Calculator widget.
2) Ad-free viewing experience

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Notes for users:
– All videos are securely hidden on the device and are not stored in any cloud program for user privacy.
– The application must not be transferred to the SD card.
Do not delete the .vl folder.
– Not recommended for custom ROM devices
– Restricts application access to SD card for devices running Android 4.4 and later.

Problems with Video Locker? See the FAQ below for help!

What’s new?

V 2.0.0_80:
– Various backend optimizations

V 2.0.0_78-79:
– Fixed Android 7.0+ compatibility issue
– Fixed launch issue on some devices
– Optimized app to switch to photo locker
– Troubleshoot on old Samsung devices
– Various translation improvements
– Various UI improvements and bug fixes

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