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Video Editor & Video Maker App APK download

Video Editor & Video Maker App APK download

20 featured powerful video editing apps
The Video Editor app provides a bundle of features like cut, crop, compression, audio to video, video mixer, video connector and video converter.

This video editor features ★ ★ ★
Cut video cutter and trimmer
Trim and edit videos to cut out unnecessary scenes. You can cut the video clip from the long video to the length you need. The output video clip will be of the best quality for YouTube.

Video compression
Squeeze long videos to not lose quality. You can also choose the resolution to compress and convert your video as needed.

MP3 to MP3 video
Quickly convert sound to audio file of your favorite song or video. MP3 and AAC formats available with bit rate.

√ Video Mixer
Add audio to any video file and create great and fun video clips.

. Video merger and video joiner
Merge or join two video clips into one long video without losing quality. There are no crop and very useful movie editing features.

Image Video image
Capture images from a video to tell a timeline story.

Con video converter
Convert video to Flav, MKV, WMV and 3GP in smaller formats. It saves more than 80% size without losing much quality.

√ Fast speed and slow motion
Control the speed of the video using the fast / slow feature as you like. Adjust video speeds from 0.5x to 2x options and create an interesting video.

√ Video crop
Crop video for any ratio like square, portrait, landscape, 2: 3, 3: 2 and 3: 4 Crop video and export it to HD quality to share on Instagram, WhatsApp or YouTube.

Video in GIF
Convert your favorite video to a really interesting GIF. Save great video moments in a compact and easily shared image file on social networks.

R Rotate the video
Rotate the video at different angles like 90 degrees, 180 and 270 etc.

Video splitting
Share or share long videos so you can easily share on social media.

√ Video reverse
Reverse the video to create interesting and fun video clips.

Photos from Video Editor
Create videos from images and share in timeline stories. You can add music and different frames to make the video more beautiful.

√ Share the video
Share videos on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.

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