Video Downloader for Instagram APK Direct APK Download

This app is designed as a utility for storing images and videos available to the public on your phone device so that you don’t have to re-download them every time you want to view them to save bandwidth and power in Greening the Environment; Additionally, offline videos can be viewed using your favorite video player.
1. In the Instagram post, click “Copy Share URL”
2. Return to the application, long press on the text and click “Paste”
3. Click Download, Wait, and Enjoy!

Claim denied:
1. This tool can only be used for public profiles.
2. Re-uploading images and / or videos is not encouraged, please get owner approval.
3. This application is not approved with Instagram.
4. Unauthorized download or re-uploading of content and / or infringement of intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user.

* No login required
* If you encounter any problems with the application, please drop an email to the address below.

What’s new?

* Copy text
* Copy hashtags
* The text has also been saved offline
* More features

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