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Can’t find the time to make a phone call with a friend? Need to say too much in a text? Say goodbye to these issues such as missed calls and annoying keyboards with the push-to-talk video chat app.

Life is busy for every human being nowadays. This makes it difficult for each of us to keep in touch with our friends and family from time to time. The creators of the push-to-talk video chat app understood this dilemma and that’s why they created this app. It is the first app on the market that makes it easy for people to see who they like at any given time.


The push-to-talk video chat app receives 80 percent less data than FaceTime and provides an alternative to group chat. Send unlimited video files to your friends on Kickstarter, and users can delete them if they want to.

Express yourself with a really fun filter collection. The app is great not only for domestic conversations, but also for long distance and international affairs and it is all completely free.

Now with the busyness of the push-to-talk video chat app they never have to miss a day and they can keep in touch with anyone with care. As the length of the video is unlimited, limitation is not a thing. Take it from us; You are about to choose to use the push-to-talk video chat application.

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