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vGIS Utilities APK Download

vGIS Utilities APK Download

Using the VGIS system, field workers will be able to see an enhanced view that includes holographic infrastructural objects, improve their environmental assessment, and increase their situational awareness. Real-time, in-field holographic visualization of underground pipes, valves, cables and other utility objects From visualizing underground penetrating radar scans, VGIS solutions are estimated to prevent 25% of excavation-related accidents caused by human error, among other benefits.

The system integrates object holograms with object-specific data to help field technicians understand the infrastructural issues needed when providing services instantly and securely on site.

Key features:
Ception Exceptional accuracy
Istent Serial Visualization: 3D overlays are “world-locked” in harmony with the physical world.
Multi-device support
Additional No additional tools: No additional tools are required for VGIS utilities
Workflow Integration: Integrates VGIS utilities with your existing back-office systems
• Improved collaboration: integrated hologram, video and audio that connects the office to the field team
Mat Format Support: Esri Feature Services, Esri Map Services, Esri Scene Services, Esri Building Services, Bentley iTwin, WFS, WMMS, GeoJason, KML
NGNSS Integration: Leica GG04 Plus, EOS Arrow Series, SXW, Topcon and Trimble R Series / Catalyst
Multi-view support: first-person on-site experience and bird-eye “zoom out” site overview

APK Download

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