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Vegas Crime Simulator is an Android game featuring third person action and the well-known game was inspired by GTA Vice City. The game allows the user to take control of a specific criminal character while raping across the city of Las Vegas. Start a shootout and face off against other criminal characters in the game to complete your tasks and missions.

Vegas Crime Simulator allows the player to steal motorcycles, tanks and helicopters. You will use weapons like axes, machine guns, shotguns and other hardware. Attack any ordinary looking citizen or a policeman. You are always in charge of being in the virtual world. Mark your area as a crime zone on the streets of Las Vegas.

Vegas Crime Simulator Mobile Game

The latest APK version of the game is available for download here. Click the button above to begin the download process and install the files when the download is complete. It gives you the feeling of a toned-down version when you first start playing the game Gamestaff to Gangster Vegas. However, it is still quite enjoyable and even playable on low-end phones.

Vegas Crime Simulator is free to play, but pop-up ads will kill your focus until you buy this game. Bike control and camera views during gameplay can be tricky and annoying but the controls are a bit improved when you steal a car. But it’s a headache to see an ad pop-up whenever you get out of a vehicle.

The game starts with a tutorial that guides you through the basics and controls. Players will use a joystick to control the movement and special keys to enter and exit vehicles. You snatch from passengers, shoot at police, move away from the chase. Collect gold bars and money bags that will come your way. After showing skills, you can get various bonuses and even extra lives.

The Crime Simulator in Vegas has enough weapons and ammunition to stop the police force working against you. There will be motorcyclists at the beginning of the police shootout, then patrol cars will join them, and then helicopters will appear. No matter what, your only purpose will be to survive. Check out More info on the game.

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