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Vago is a fancy video player that has many features.

For those of you who want to multi-task, it lets you pop-out and float your videos on top of other videos, so you can watch a video and browse text messages, emails or just the internet. If your device is strong enough, you can watch multiple floating videos!

You can choose to visualize your videos and minimize the played video in the notification tray so you can hear the audio in the background – listen to music or podcasts from DailyMe and Vimeo while you’re at it (except great YouTube) Run!

This app has the following features to give you the best seamless and intuitive experience:

Iz is a resized pop-up player that can play local videos by sharing Vago Player popups from your video gallery

Same multiple pop-up players at the same time ((for daily events and Vimeo videos only)

Minimize the notification bar and play in the background only

14 Change video resolutions from 144p to 720p


Vago only plays YouTube videos for daily events and Vimeo using video pinup mode and using the YouTube API player.
We are using API for YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo to watch video content.

Before leaving a low rating, please contact us first with your feedback (email below). We appreciate your comments and suggestions, and we look forward to helping you resolve any issues. We hope this app becomes the ultimate mobile companion to your YouTube and video viewing experience!

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