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Unite Keyboard – Wonderful emoji APK Download

Unite Keyboard - Wonderful emoji APK Download

Download the free Unite keyboard, enjoy unlimited fun and share your feelings with social members and circle of friends share Connect with smiling friends easily through social media and text messages. You can enjoy conversations with strangers and make better friends. Therefore, do not miss this most interesting emoji keyboard app. It changes your life and makes your life interesting and meaningful.

Features at a glance

→ Fast opal typing
Thanks for learning the type faster, smarter and fun auto-correction for your typing without worrying about accuracy.
→ More screen space
Recover more than half of the touch screen you lost when using a traditional virtual keyboard.
Ful powerful fluffy gesture system
Out of typing! You can swipe left to delete words or swipe right to insert spaces! Easily type and edit with gestures. This is the most intuitive keyboard. Just hold down the space bar to display our intuitive selection and cursor control functions!
U Intuitive gestures
Swipe up to capitalize characters, swipe left to delete characters, swipe right to retrieve characters. The operation is that simple.
Keyboard theme selection
Enjoy a customized keyboard to suit your style! Choose from dozens of beautiful keyboard themes to customize your typing experience!
Intelligent automatic correction
Don’t worry about automatic corrections or meaningless predictions. We learn what we learn and help write perfect sentences.
100% privacy protection
Everything you enter is private privacy. This is why the keyboard on your device runs locally and none of your typing data is transferred to the cloud. Dozens of permissions are required to access your calendar, contacts, files, GPS location, etc. on other keyboards
Word prediction
A predictive engine that speeds up learning from your vocabulary, text combinations, and language usage patterns over the Internet, suggests your typing.
Oc Vocabulary control
Learn from your vocabulary and delete words from your dictionary pop-up display.
Voice input
When performing other activities by typing, Google misses the voice-typed text by typing the voice.

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