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Ultimate Sleep App – Relaxing, Calm Music & Sounds APK download

Ultimate Sleep App – Relaxing, Calm Music & Sounds APK download

Say Goodbye to Insomnia with Top Rated HD Nature and White Noise Sound and Music Say

Are you looking for healing through the gift of relaxation and deep, uninterrupted sleep faster and longer? Just updated and already surprisingly popular – The Ultimate Slip App. Instantly relax your overactive mind, so you sleep very well, to be ready with the day! How long have you experienced that?

No other app on the market will give you access to the 24 best, most comfortable, especially the ‘highest qualities’ designed to help you sleep. The composers of our songs have received literally millions of views and thousands of positive comments on their respective video channels. Truly they are topping loose music online.

Choose from 30 different words suitable for children as well as adults and 24 carefully selected melodies. ** Recently Added – Binary Beats ** (Delta Waves)


• 30 words – nature and type of white words – pre-mastered, high quality stereo recording.
2 Music selections 24 with extensive sleep inspiration music by top internet composers.
Music Add as many words to the music as you want to create your own custom mix
Save to “Favorites” ready for next time – Create, name, save, and then play again
With a timer, play all night or fade after a few hours – you choose with a premium
With Prem Premium you have your own personal alarm clock, which if worn after earbuds you will only hear and not bother anyone else.
• Beautiful, simple, easy interface – runs in the background when using other applications.
14 Our 14 day free trial – no subscription or signup required. Try the premium version with us!

Available Words: Airplane, Bathroom Fan, Binocular Beats, Birds, Black Noise, Blizzard, Box Fan, Brown Noise, Busy Hui, Campfire, Cricket, Crowd Talking, Fireplace, Floor Fan, Forest Sound, Gentle Rain, Gray Noise, Hay , Heartbeat, Maternal, Night Sounds, Ocean Waves, Outer Space, Red Noise, River Rapids, Lightning, Lightning-Heavy, Train, Tree Frogs and Waterfalls.

Lots of background noise when kids go to sleep – drown out other family noises so they can sleep on almost anything. Has a great calming effect.

Music by Peder Heland and Yellow Brick Movie Music – 6 selections in the free version and 6 additional selections in the premium version have over a million or more views on their video channels with endless comments from listeners on how to sleep or even Thanks to King for helping to relax from stress or even depression, King is great for reading this music, meditating, doing yoga, or just relaxing in your favorite chair.


Ever invest in yourself and your family to get the best night’s sleep so far. It may take a few nights to find the right sound / music combo that works for you but you will be so happy that you were able to find what you are sleeping on and your alarm keeps you there until the music stops you wake up on time Go to work!
You hear the noisy person next to you, the neighbor next door, or the dog on the other side of the street making sweet noises that overwhelm you.
Stress helps to calm down stress, anxiety, tinnitus, random noise which usually disturbs sleep.
Create your own personalized playlist to suit any mood, increase your ability to concentrate, and be creative with distractions.
Small Make your little ones sleep by creating a peaceful sanctuary for you and your family.
Unf Transform your hotel room into a familiar environment by catching unfamiliar noises.
If you travel, use the plane to stop the chatter through it so you can hang up.
Ear If you use earbuds, you have your own personal alarm clock that only you can hear.
Wake up to rest, ready to replace the world.

Download your calm music and sound app now for a very relaxing experience! Use the app yourself on your phone and download it to your tablet in the baby room! 👍

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