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Uh-oh! Dual Links Your PVP action card game is based on the Konami series. In this game, you can see famous characters and duels as Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo. To improve your dual strategy you will receive regular updates about the game, including new card types and variants.

You will be able to choose any one Kaiba or Yugi! The other character will be found after U-G-Oh! Dual links, so go with your favorite. Double up with players from around the world in this action-packed card game. Show them your skills and win on leader boards. If you’re new to the game, there’s nothing to worry about as it’s easy to learn the rules and simple controls for learning.

U-G-Oh is ringing! Long link to your mobile

Get started by clicking the download button above. Once the APK file is downloaded, install it and open the game. You will reach the language screen. After selecting your language Choose English (currently limited to English or Japanese) You will need to download additional files (252 MB).

Ready to deploy your card? At the beginning you are given a deck, which contains 20 cards. You can play against CPU opponents scattered through Dual World or against people through online battles. Whatever your opponent is, the game will toss a coin and decide who will start. Each player draws four cards from their previous paved deck and the conflict begins.

Each player gets 4000 life points at the beginning and reducing the opponent’s life points until the goal is 0 opponents to the game will teach you the basics of how to play this card game on your mobile. If you are familiar with the original card game and have been a collector of U-G-Oh cards, you do not even need the tutorial.

You get started in U-G-Oh Dual World! Dual links which are divided into different parts. The first is dedicated to a portal where well-known characters are transported. Most of the time you have to deal with monster, spell, or trap cards. Monster cards have attack and defense values ​​and monsters set in attack positions can target other monsters during your turn.

Spelling and trap cards have a static effect as described on the cards. And increase your monster attack / defense points, destroy other cards, starting with drawing cards from your deck. This is a fun game and if you like anime Play cards Let us know if you like it by rating it and commenting below

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