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UB Battery Saver for Android helps you manage your phone’s battery. This application has been identified as a customization app. Ubi’s battery saver makes your battery last longer. Its main function is to reduce battery usage and usability through unnecessary applications.

How does it work?

After installing the app you need to grant it access to some settings like screen brightness, screen duration, screen rotation and sound profile of phones. The application does not work if you do not allow these permissions.

UB’s battery offers one-touch battery optimization. Once you open the app it scans your mobile phone and finds all the bugs that are consuming your battery. Click the Optimize button and it takes care of the rest. The app even lets you know how much battery life you have extended to your smartphone. The app lists the battery usage of all applications below and reminds you of the apps that consume the most battery. It also ensures that applications in the shadow of the notification are detected and closed. You can use Clean master Having similar features.

Battery AB’s battery saver features three preset modes to ensure you can customize your battery usage to HT. There are elongated, normal, sleep and my mode. My Mode “features your current settings and to get the most out of your device’s battery you can always create a new custom mode by enabling or disabling a desired mode or customizable.

This application supports a so-called “phone cooler” option that monitors, manages, and disables CPU-intensive apps to lower your phone’s temperature to normal and protect your device’s hardware. A cooler phone means it will drain your battery more slowly, slower, slower, slower, slower, slower, slower, slower, slower, slower, slower, slower, slower, slower. If you want to know more about DU Battery Saver, you can check it out Supports Ubi apps For more information.

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