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True call Location – Caller ID,Family Tracker APK Download

True call Location - Caller ID,Family Tracker APK Download

Manage all your calls and messages quickly by filtering telemarket and other unwanted hassles. With a community-based spam list updated by millions of users worldwide, True Caller is the only application to make your communication secure and efficient.
You can identify your friends, family members and others by requesting them
Give access to their location.
Request Only when the request is accepted will you be able to track your family members
Location of friends on the map using true call location and caller ID.
Where you can see who is calling from where and can identify the location of the incoming caller on the map.
✔ True Call Location Caller ID helps family members to follow each other,
Friends and others.
Protect your family members and friends:
The caller ID and family tracker of the actual call location will help you to find and reach their location in case of emergency such as: if your family member or friend is in an awkward situation or in an awkward situation after receiving a call from your family member or friend.
How to make a true call call call id work:
Location – True Call Location Caller ID and Family Tracker use GPS technology to locate the real-time location of your family members or friends, who have accepted your invitation or requested to track or share their location to find their location. Simply install the caller ID of the true location on your phone and request or invite your friends and family members. Once installed and registered, you can search the phone numbers of any of your family or friends who have accepted your request to share their location with you. Once your request is approved you are ready to identify, so that they know where they are calling from.
Protecting personal information:
Your privacy is important to us, to access or share real-time location with friends and family or others. You should ask them to allow you to access or share their real time location.
Privacy mode:
If you do not want to share your location with anyone after receiving the request. Turn on privacy mode in settings. If you want sharing location, just turn off privacy mode.
* We will use your location to search and update your location.

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