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Play free gangster action. The city of sin cannot be changed. Everyone here is for themselves. All the inhabitants of the city want profit. You are no exception. You came to this city with the goal of making money using your own qualifications. You are a great car thief. Your specialty is car theft. The crime world is full of competition. Criminal gangs control the streets of the city. You have to try and conquer your territory. Show the rest of the thugs that you are your people and you need to be respected. Test your skills in the exciting 3D car thief simulator. Get a unique gaming experience in third person shooter. Are you able to become one of the inhabitants of this dangerous city? An open 3D world challenges you. The southern metropolis is full of dangers and exciting adventures that await you.

Complete major game missions to gain experience and resources in the most effective way. Before missions, make sure you have enough rounds for your gun. You must have a bar full of health and stamina. All this will help you in the street fight. You can double the mission rewards you want. Find important works through a mini map of the city. Tasks are marked with special icons.
You can have fun in town. Arrange to run around the city in different vehicles. Shoot fences, barrels, boxes, traffic lights, lampposts and more. Look for ships standing in the bay who know what privacy you will find in them. Try to occupy a military base. If the work depends on you, you will get good rewards.

Chase your favorite car or motorcycle. Take part in street shooting. Protect your territory from other territories. Stay away from police harassment.

Find books scattered throughout the city and get rewards from them. Shoot in the chest to open the fort. Find other useful items scattered throughout the city. Get free crystals as soon as you see any advertisement in the game.

Upgrade your baby to always be the best. Efficiency, precision, stamina and strength. These options still offer a big advantage. You will also need the ability to handle weapons and drive different vehicles.

Game receipts will help guide you in the right direction. Get credit and rewards for them.

The game is built on an improved version of the game engine. Game mechanics have become more thoughtful, dynamic and realistic. Improved traffic system and NPC. The game has been adapted. This allows you to play both comfortably on the phone and tablet. You will be able to choose game quality settings for the performance of your device. A well-thought-out interface, an indication system and training lessons allow you to better understand weights. Take the introductory course at the beginning of the game. Understand movement systems, firing systems, street fight systems and driving. This will make you start to pass missions faster.

The game has a lot of products for your gangster. Get great things and learn how to use them. Some products do not discount. A clothing store, a clothing and defense equipment store, a weapons store are all at your fingertips.

You can buy vehicles for any work:
Bicycle – Travel around the city without rushing, see interesting places and perform strategies.
Sports Car – The fastest way to get around the city is to drive fast.
Powerful truck – will completely protect you from city bullets. With it you can break any obstacle.
Aircraft – Fly across the city, do dangerous exercises and land the right place from the plane.
A combat helicopter is a powerful weapon. Allows you to enter all protected areas and eliminate opponents.

We’re glad you’re interested in Free Game Truck Driver City Crush. The Knoxx team will develop the game by publishing regular updates.

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