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Train Conductor World APK download

Train Conductor World APK download

Control and manage the chaos of international rail traffic as the ultimate railway tycoon. Build the rail network of your dreams; Spread the rails to solve the railway puzzle with branches and road forks at each turn. Choose your path and become the richest railway director!

Get in the driver’s seat and pick up the passengers at their destination, pick them up at the stations and take the goods to the port and factory. Control and manage trains in this thrilling, fast-paced action arcade videogame by marching through tunnels, barriers and hills. Connect your express trains across the railroad at breakneck speeds. Try to avoid crashing, but I’m betting you can’t. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Take high precautions for explosive crashes, near-miss and split-second situations.

Ring your bell and tinkle when playing in all kinds of weather. Look for bullet trains, diesel trains, modern electric trains and trams. Customize your trains and choose the carriage style of your preferred train.

These are all counted when you are growing the largest railway in the world.

Leave the locomotives!

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